You know how a bad mood feels…

You have trouble focusing…

Choices evaporate…

Your self-assurance goes off balance





The 7 Worst MoodsGet Into the Agile Mood

The link between Moods, expansive Energy and success

Bad Moods Suffocate Your Team's Energy, Excitement and Innovation

You know how bad moods throw you off-balance: 

  • They distract your attention,
  • constrict your options, and
  • throw your self-assurance way off-balance

Good moods create the balance that let's groups of people excel, produce results and innovate.  Good moods are essential for resilience and innovation.

big secret about people is they want to produce amazing reults.  They want to have fun at work, to be excited, to pitch in, to show off what they can do.


So why to over 87% of U.S. employees tell Gallup that they are not engaged?


Welcome to The Agile Mood.  We help companies light up the spark and get breakthrough results from the people they have on board.


"Most of what we call 'management' consists in making it difficult for people to get their work done.”

Peter Drucker

Discover the Agile Mood

You know how a good mood energizes...

Ready to infuse your workplace with excitement?

Ready to exalt your people’s self-assurance? 

The link between Moods, expansive Energy and success

Bad Moods Suffocate Your Team’s Energy, Excitement and Innovation

Bad moods grow and spread unless you resolve to change the climate where your people work

When bad moods descend on your company, it creates huge costs that get written off to “human nature.”

We think bad moods are inhumane.

What do they cost you?

  • Added labor costs?
  • High turnover?
  • Stalled revenue growth?
  • Quality problems?
  • Lost opportunities?
  • Offended clients?
  • Lack of innovation
  • Lack of initiatve and accountability?

Moods spread like viruses, and NO company operates without a mood.  SOMEONE has to decide to nudge their people into a high-performance mood.


Stress and bad moods diminish our mental agility.  Resentments and ambivelence interfere with initiative, creativity, accountability and motivation.

Is it affecting your company?

It’s affecting EVERYONE’s company.

In a 2013 survey, Gallup reported that only 13% of employees consider themselves engaged at their jobs

63% admitted they were not engaged and

24% said they were actively disengaged.  

A Driving Cause of bad moods is incivility at the workplace

The Harvard Business Review cites research that found

  • 43% of those treated rundely at work decreased their work output
  • 47% cut back how many hours they spend at the office after being treated rudely
  • 38% intentionally reduced the quality of their work
  • 80% said they lost time brooding over on an incident of incivility
  • 63% said they avoided the offending party, resulting in lost work time
  • 12% said they left their job after the incivility occurred

What will your company accompish when you pull people together?

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“The greatest tragedy today is our habit of spreading verbal acid.

The acid of speaking in a disparaging way of the people around us. It’s as if we strive to bring others down to our level so that we won’t be left behind if others grow and expand.

This mode arises out of both fear and from a lack of belief in ourselves.”

George Thompson,

Founder, Verbal Judo Police Training

The link between Moods, expansive Energy and success


Is your company in  bad mood? Ask yourself a few simple questions:

Is your staff stressed out, running on fumes?

Are you failing to meet your numbers?

Do you grind your teeth when you hear your senior team badmouthing each other?

Do you pound your head against a wall whenever you see a dynamic, high-profit opportunity (because you can’t source good talent to launch a new initiative)?

Do it drive you crazy that your people keep dragging you into day-to-day operations?

to resolve problems they were expected to anticipate?

Do you carry tensions and frustrations home with you when you leave the office?

Does the workday leave you exhausted?

Do key lieutenants have blind spots that they won’t acknowledge or resolve?

Does your body tense when you see ongoing conflict obstructing your growth?

Are you unable to meet with key thought leaders to help influence the market?

Do you WISH you could schedule time to map out a coherent strategy?

How Mood Contagions Start and Proliferate

You’ve had bad moods – it’s an altered state of behavior

When you get in a bad mood, you’re never at your best.

You’re distracted; you dwell on something that got violated. You’re in another moment.You act on impluse.

You have a delicious feeling of certainty. It’s not a choice; you must act. Now.

It feels great at the time, but that small voice says you’ll regret it tomorrow.  Still,  you “need to” act.

Maybe you lash out. You do some mean-spirited thing.  You dismiss your inner voice.

Then you see everyone around you is in a bad mood, too.  Somehow, that makes it worse.

Now you’re headed for a downward spiral together.

There’s a flip side to moods; being around other people who keep getting in bad moods. 

It’s disgusting, right? You shut down.  You want to get away.

When they rant, fume or throw a pity party, you flle your shoulders slump and your muscles tighten.  Your jaw clenches. It’s hard to get work done. It’s hard to be at your best.

I’s easy to slip into a bad mood of your own.

One person in a bad mood can suck all the air out of the room.  A whole group’s energy can just fizzle out. Everything they were looking forward to getting done suddenly seems inconceivable.

Bad moods at the office work the same way…

They stop your people from meeting your goals.

When your team gets down,

  • Revenue goals slip
  • Innovation stalls
  • Employees loose motivation
  • Leaders get mired down in day to day operational crises
Sure, you can adopt all those official, sanctioned methods to push through your agenda.
No one will criticize you for doing what everyone else does.

But you’re not after the same results as everyone else, are you?

Those sanctioned approaches just don’t work.  Let us show you the difference that makes a differenece.

The link between Moods, expansive Energy and success

Great Leaders Keep Their Tribe in a Positive Mood.  Now You Can, Too

You also know what it’s like to be around someone who’s in a bad mood, right?

That’s why great leaders, who work through others to achieve their vision, master the art of keeping their people in a good mood.

Highly productive companies create what we call the Agile Mood.

It’s described and cited in studies on emotional intelligence, neuro-science, positive psychology, and business journals such as the Harvard Business Review.

Let us show you how to shift the direction of your business.  Put aside those persistant old frustrations that stand between you and your goals.


The Three Components For Building The Agile Mood at Your Business

We offer executive coaching,


Executive Coaching
Are your people running at half-speed?  Are your people producing a fraction of their potential?  Call today for an assessment


Mood-building skills training and facilitation

We offer training, workshops and facilitation to build the agile mood.

We help you nudge your people into a new paradigm.  Many will believe its all for show, others resist change because they know how to play a failing systems.


Group Coaching for Executive Team Cohesion

We facilitate emotional and mutual regard among your executive team.

Imaging the next time your business makes a decision and the same message rolls down to staff from all members of the senior team.

Do you ever sense that the members of your executive team are more about the “Executive” than they are about the “Team?”

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