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We unleash performace

If you’re not achieving your dreams or hitting your numbers, you may have unknowingly created conditions that inhibit the energy and performance of your people.


If you had a switch that, when you flipped it, created a dramatic improvement in productivity, innovation, and accountability, would you turn it on?


Contact us today; we don’t have a switch, but we can show you the steps that wake you rpeople up to their own possibilities, and contribute more.


Every group of people, every business and organization, has an enormous untapped “Performance Potential”

We help you tap into yours

“The greatest tragedy today is our habit of spreading verbal acid.

The acid of speaking in a disparaging way of the people around us. It’s as if we strive to bring others down to our level so that we won’t be left behind if others grow and expand.

It arises from a lack of belief in ourselves.

George Thompson,

Founder, Verbal Judo Police Training


Our Services

Executive Coaching

Are your people running at half-speed?  Are your people producing a fraction of their potential?  Call today for an assessment

Executive Team Cohesion

Group Coaching and Facilitation to Create a Team of Executives

We facilitate emotional and mutual regard among your executive team.

Imaging the next time your business makes a decision and the same message rolls down to staff from all members of the senior team.

Do you ever sense that the members of your executive team are more about the “Executive” than they are about the “Team?”


Build Better Moods at Work

Group Coaching for Executive Team Cohesion

We offer training, workshops and facilitation to build the agile mood.

We help you nudge your people into a new paradigm.  Many will believe its all for show, others resist change because they know how to play a failing systems.

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