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The neuroscience of leadership


Our coaching and consulting services target companies that are having difficulties achieving their vision, targets or are on the verge of collapse.


We specialize in the one thing that makes the biggest difference.  We specialize in emotional leadership, the one thing that many managers feel most challenged by, most skeptical of, and most afraid of diving into,


If you’re tired of avoiding the one thing that makes the biggest difference, contact us today and explore why the time is right to learn the most powerful leadership skill of all. 


For centuries, there have been advocates for emotionial leadership, but they faced ridicule and skepticism.


Not any more.  Neuroscience is rapidly validating the power of emtional agility as the essential precondition for mental agility, creativity, and esprit de corp across the members of any team or organization.


If you want to develop powerful leadership, we can support you through:

  • Executive Coaching (1:1)
  • Executive Team Cohesion
  • Building new moods and frames of mind
  • Resilience 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transition Management 

The Neuroscience of LEadership

Raise Your Team’s Mood & Energy 

The brain has been called the world’s most powerful machine, connecting over 500 trillion synapses. It’s also a socially inter-dependent organ, depending on others to create meaning & self awareness.

One of the most revolutionary discoveries in neuroscience is that the brain always evolves and changes, Science calls this brain plasticity, and it’s your key to unlocking your team’s astounding (and untapped) mental and inter-personal capacities. 

Science used to think that brains were fully formed by young adulthood; we now know that our brains keep developing and changing in response to environmental rewards and challenges. 

Neuroscience has also discovered how to create optimal conditions for brain health and fitness, As a leader, you can now create a business environment provides the conditions for your team to enjoy conditions for optimal mental and brain functioning. The payoff is greater productivity, revenue and effectiveness.


“An upbeat environment fosters mental efficiency, allowing people to better take in and understand information and be more flexible in their thinking.”

Alice Isen, Cornell Univ, cited by Daniel Goleman in Harvard Business Review

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Good moods don’t just feel good; they unleash human potential

What the NS of LS does

Increases revenue

Creativity and innovation


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Don’t Settle For Less

Our Perspective

We’re introducing the best of neuroscience to business leadership. We focus on transforming the quality and effectiveness of decisions and actions across your enterprise.

Every organisation needs and wants agility (performance, engagement, innovation, talent development and middle management performance).

All the elements of agility depend on ONE THING – leaders who create a sense of assurance that empowers their people to activate greater mental resourcefulness

Agility elevates resourcefulness, which elevates engagement, productivity, common cause and personal satisfaction.  We help your leaders learn to choose actions that will create an agile mood between everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Ultimately it is leadership action, the thing that leaders actually do, that builds agility. The more your leaders support an agile mood, the more your company supports the sense that it is worth working for, worth investing in, worth buying from and worth partnering or supplying.

We  work with businesses to build a leadership action culture that creates the conditions for growth, innovation and performance.


Executive Coaching 

Are your people running at half-speed?  Are your people producing a fraction of their potential?  Call today for an assessment


Mood-building skills training and facilitation

We offer training, workshops and facilitation to build the agile mood.

We help you nudge your people into a new paradigm.  Many will believe its all for show, others resist change because they know how to play a failing systems.


Executive Team Cohesion

We facilitate emotional and mutual regard among your executive team.

Imaging the next time your business makes a decision and the same message rolls down to staff from all members of the senior team.

Do you ever sense that the members of your executive team are more about the “Executive” than they are about the “Team?”

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