About Tony Thayer


Our Story

Tony is a high bandwidth business coach and corporate-mood-consultant.

He helps you get your company in a better mood, where everyone is on the same page and more invested in the creating an exciting company that feathering their own nest. We show you the way as you create a powerful leadership collaboration among your senior executive team.  Then we help you take it down the whole team.  We let you turn on  the natural brain circuits that allow people to focus on common goals and have one another’s backs.

He combines a wealth of in-the-trenches business experience with a deep understanding of psychology and neuro-science to
help executive teams transform and re-energize their workplace to create climates of alignment that boost staff and executive productivity, innovation and engagement.


In a 30 year career in corporate sales and
management, he has been a nationally recognized sales leader, business
consultant and executive who has led successful turnaround and built a new
sales division from $0 to $1,000,000 in revenues in less than a year .


In sales, Tony was a go-to problem solver,
who was called in to save and recover dozens of major accounts who had taken their business elsewhere.
Tony got their attention, won them back and turned them into raving fans.


He jumped from office equipment sales to high tech major account sales consulting
who caught wind of his account re-engagement skills.  Even though he lacked their “required”
experience, they hired him to see if he could recapture a major key account in California who had terminated the relationship five years
before.  When he did, he was promoted to a sales territory of 20 states, and won back another former major account in Texas. 


Next Steps…

Set up a courtesy consultation with Tony to explore the possibilities of raising the mood at your company.
Turn up the dial on your staff’s initiative, innovativeness and emotional engagement.