About Tony Thayer


I’m a leadership visionary; I offer a new perspective on how busiess leaders can become exceptional leaders of people.  

My insights are grounded in 40 years of business experience and leadership, and newly informed by the passion for neurobiology I developed over the past 5 years.  Now I help executives transform their companies.  I show them how to create climates of possibility.  These give your people the social environment and relationships that enable everyone to pull together and flourish.  It’s based on how our brains are wired.  We come alive when our interpersonal brain circuits are activated in a positive environment.  When you provide the environment that your people crave, you can observe the changes and promote further improvements.  That’s when you become a true leader.  That’s when you turn around your company and discover the untapped levels of talent that you already have on-board.  That’s when you tap into your own experience of personal fulfillment. 

Let me  show you how to lift your whole team and inspire your people to new levels of innovation, engagement, and excitement.

My Leadership Epiphany

Several years ago, I retired from my first career.  I had built track record of success and accomplishments, and took pride in my work and people skills. My successes accumulated as I rose through sales, then operations and executive management.  If you had asked me, back then, what led to my success, I would have said it was my understanding of people and my ability as a leaders to step up to challenges and adversity with creativity and confidence.

I turned around failing companies. I started new ventures. I won back major national accounts who had fired my predecessors five years before I joined the company.

But it wasn’t until I retired that I discovered how much I had misssed.  That’s when I discovered the real keys to growth and leadership.

It wasn’t by choice that I gained this new level of awareness, but we all grow when faced with adversity and difficult challenges.

Now I help executives transform their businesses to break through their barriers. I help them instill a sense of energy, possibility and excitement across their enterprise.  My work begins with you and your executive team, and sets up a chain of transformative awareness across your entire workforce.

My story.

I had to take an early retirement.  It wasn’t by choice. It wasn’t pleasant.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

After a series of three unexpected events, I learned how to stretch my capacity to handle adversity.  It opened me up to a deeper awareness of how humans bond and engage in their work lives.

Now I’ve come back to the world of executive leadership to share my discoveries.

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